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Walnut Shell Beeswax Candles

Here is a wonderful gift you can make out of the walnut shells left from cracking nuts for holiday goodies.
walnut shells
candle wicks
Begin melting your beeswax. Make a double-boiler by placing the wax in an old aluminum can or a canning jar. Place this in a pot with a few inches of water in it. Bring your water to a boil and then turn back to keep the water hot, but not boiling. Your wax should slowly and gently melt.
Meanwhile, place you candle wick into the walnut to measure how long you need your wick to be and cut it accordingly.

To make a surface to hold your walnut from rolling around, you can use a little of the wax or some clay to set it in. This holds your walnut in place.
You can place your wick in first if it has a holder or,if it doesn't, you can pour the wax in first and as the wax hardens you can insert your wick. The cooling wax holds your wick in place.
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