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Spanish Songs: Learning Colors Through Song


We began our lessons in Spanish today by learning the Spanish song entitled "De colores" (or "Dressed in Colors"). This song came to the Americas from central Spain in the sixteenth century and is now sung all over the Spanish-speaking world on special occasions and celebrations.

De colores,
Painted in colors,
de colores se visten los campos
the fields are dressed in colors
en la primavera.
in the spring.
De colores,
Painted in colors,
de colores son los pajaritos
painted in colors are the little birds
que vienen de afuera.
which come from the outside.
De colores,
Painted with colors,
de colores es el arcoiris que
painted with colors is the rainbow that
vemos lucir.
we see shining brilliantly above.

Y por eso los grandes amores
And that is why great loves
de muchos colores
of many colors
me gustan a mi.
are what I like.

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