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Making Snowflakes

Great book to go along with this activity.
Remember those lovely paper snowflakes you made as a child? Just in case you have forgotten how to make them, here are some easy instructions: Take a regular sheet of white paper. We used card stock for the older children as they make nicer flakes, but computer paper for the younger ones because the card stock gets pretty hard to cut after folding. Make a square out of the sheet of paper by removing a slice from the side.

Fold this square into a triangle.
You can leave it at this size for the smaller children so it won't be too hard for them to cut through. For older children, you can fold it again into a triangle half this size.Now you can begin snipping. Have fun experimenting and being creative.

Or, I found another method at Almost Unschooolers.
Start with a circle.

Fold it in half...
and then into thirds.
Draw what you want on the triangle...
and then snip away, keeping parts of the sides attached.

They are nice to hang in windows, from the ceiling and small ones can even be hung on the Christmas tree.

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