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Botany: Learning the Most Common Plants by Family; part 3: The Pea Family

"The sweet pea has some of its leaflets changed to tendrils which hold it to the trellis. Its flower is like that of the clover, the upper petal forming the banner, the two side petals the wings, and the two united lower petals the keel which protects the stamens and pistil."
-Anna Comstock,
Handbook of Nature Study, page 589
We learned about a new family in our botany studies. Quentin, James and Alex chose to color pictures of blossoms of the pea family, while Katie and Sam elected to draw them themselves, with their characteristic qualities. The Pea Family is characterized by its irregularly shaped flower containing five petals: a banner, two wings and a keel (which is comprised of two petals that look like one). The Pea Family also produces pea-like pods that open along two seams and often have pinnate (opposite) leaves. We could not find any blooming members of the family in our neighborhood except the clover. The clover's petals are hard to identify as a banner-wings-keel because they are so long and thin, but Katie examined them thoroughly and drew the flower as it looks from far away and then a cut-out that shows the flower pattern. Other members of the Pea Family include lupine, most beans and legumes, wild licorice and alfalfa.

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