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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary November 2-7 {week 9}

Today we discussed our observations about pumpkins that we had been making all last week. Sam and Momma made up new rules for a game. He had gotten a game last Christmas and we didn't like the current rules, so his "assignment" was to come up with new ones. We will see how these play out. He was also given his final exam question for history. Quentin practiced writing the letter "I" both in upper and lower case, but he whined when we worked on short words with the short "i" in them, so we went on to comparisons. He started a self-portrait, but then decided he didn't like the way it was turning out so, we went on to math word problems and he decided he was done, so we quit table work. He played dress-up some with the old Halloween costumes, and played cowboy quit a bit. He looked at a homeschool materials catalog and picked out what he wanted. We received a Spiderman disc from Netflix in the mail (you know the old cartoon we watched as kids) and he was thrilled. He had been waiting for it since he had bought Fantastic Four Super Heroes figures. We couldn't find the Fantastic Four disc on Netflix, so Spiderman was the next best thing. He watched that for the rest of the afternoon. James seemed the most unwell today. He has mostly laid quietly or slept. He tried to do some table work but was not up to it. Alex worked on Apologia Science chapter 1, which he can do, but it goes very slowly. He worked on sentences with objects, and wrote about Menes (first Pharaoh of Egypt.)
Today we did a picture study of
The Fowling Scene from Egyptian tomb walls.
Indus Valley civilization
A Spanish song, "Naranja dulce" (Sweet orange).

Quentin set up a museum in the living room and the gift shop in the family room. Sorry no photos, but we were so busy playing, I forgot. He had set up a pirate display with a pirate costume and play gun. There was a cowboy and Indian section and a knights section. For the gift shop, he had set up the same groups of plastic figures. It was adorable. Perhaps a hint he would like to go to the museum again soon?
Lots of learning activities going on at the same time all over the house.

Sam works on his final exam on history...all about Mesopotamia.

Quentin researches about pirates so he can color in his pirate coloring books accurately.

Alex works on his science lapbook on the history of science, and made a little ship to sail down the Tigris River.
James works on his page about pyramids.

 Quentin works on math problems out of Tang's Matherpieces book and has fun with.

Pretend picnics and, of course James builds with Legos.
We experimented with earth layering by pouring into the same jar sand, dirt, pebbles and water and mixing thoroughly. We let this sit, while we glued pictures of the guitar and piano to their music lapbooks. We talked about why the piano is sometimes grouped with the stringed instruments and sometime with the percussion instruments. We put them with the stringed. They know quite a bit about the piano since we have one and they have seen inside it. We listened to some music featuring the piano. They added Theropods to their Dinosaur lapbooks, which finishes off the bird-hipped category for now. Now that the sediments had settled, they drew pictures of them. These will be tucked in their folders for another activity next week.  Sitting on the sofa together, I read Archaeologists Dig For Clues, and they immediately wanted to do a model of a archaeological dig. I told them I could probably come up with one by next week. Quentin kissed my cheek. Then Quentin and James went upstairs to play and Sam went to the computer to play Civilization. There is nothing better in the afternoon than sharing a book. Reading and Playing with Time. Pretending to be Quicksilver the pirate ready for any adventure. Katie recieved her redworms in the mail. Her composting bin was ready for them. Her latest project.
Fun with magic sand. We love that it's technical name is hydrophobic (water-fearing) sand. It is sand that stays dry, even under water. All sorts of play with letters and art and numbers.
Happy 48th Birthday to me!
This photo was taken on the way to the restaurant.
The fireplace was so warm and cozy at the restaurant.
Sam loves playing the game at the table and Quinny loves slurping the jelly out of the little containers.
I got a beautiful quilt from Steven and my in-laws.

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