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Nature Study Lessons 131 & 159: Sunflowers

"...imagine what if we had never seen flowers, and they were sent to us as a reward for our goodness. Imagine how carefully we’d watch the growth of the stem and every unfolding of each leaf in wonder. And then imagine our astonishment when a bud appeared, and began to unfold in all its delicate, colorful beauty. Well, we have been seeing flowers for years-but our children haven’t.”
-Charlotte Mason, Home Education, volume 1, page 53

Jan 30: Our seeds have sprouted. If you look closely you might be able to see the seed cases still attached to the newly sprouted leaves.

Feb. 9: Wow, haven't our sunflower plants grown!

Feb. 25: First repotting.

March 25: They are starting to reach past the middle of the window and look like they plan to keep going! Quentin's plant looks like it will bloom first.

March 27: We had to replant them again.

Quentin's sunflower was the first to bloom with a tiny bloom that is more like a yellow daisy!

May 15: We finally planted those sunflowers in the front yard. Sam had the camera, so the pictures are mostly of me this time, except for the one self-portrait Sam took while hold the camera at arm's length in front of him. James had a lot of fun discovering new creatures that I churned up with my trowel. Quinney liked clipping the weeds away with clippers, and Sam enjoyed watching it all through the camera lens.

Here are the sunflowers on June 21. They had such an early start that they were ready to harvest the first day of summer. We will keep the seeds to plant and see the cycle again.

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  1. Isn't this a wonderful way to learn about sunflowers....seed to blossom? Great job and I love watching the progress. Can I use one of the photos with you in it for the OHC Photo of the Week? I think it a wonderful family shot. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your study.


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