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7th Grade 1st Quarter Final Exam Questions

History: 1.Tell me what you know about the civilization of Sumer and Mesopotamia in general. Include all aspects, such as culture and geography. Tell me some of the ways in which modern man has learned about this culture. Include any drawings or diagrams you wish if it helps to illustrate an idea. You will be graded on how many ideas you include and how well these ideas are explained. 2, Sketch a map of Mesopotamia. Label all the bodies of water and land areas. Include geographical features such as mountains and label them as well.

Science: (Pick one.) 1. Sketch a diagram of a bicycle, determine which simple machines are used in it and tell me how these parts give the bike a mechanical advantage. 2. Create your own machine which uses simple machines within it and tell me how they work to give the machine a mechanical advantage.
3. Tell me what you know about the sun. You will be graded on the number of details you include and how fully they are explained.

Art: Pick your favorite Pre-historical piece and tell me why it was your favorite. Tell me what you remember about it (name, where it is from, etc.) and what we can learn about the people it represents by looking at it.

Music: Pick two stringed instruments and compare and contrast them in terms of how they look and how they sound.

Spanish: Sing a song we have learned this semester and tell me what is going on in the song (what the words mean.)

Math, Greek and Language Arts have their own tests included in the programs he uses.

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