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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: September 28-October 2 {week 4)

Lots about Sumer including puppets to make stories. Sumerian stories.
We had fun playing with a pouch full of Sumerian counters, thinking about base 6 instead of 10.
Imagining that this apple is the world, we thought about ways to describe any point on a ball. We made grid lines for longitude and latitude to make the task easier.
Outside to ride bikes and to in general have fun, including a couple of shoot-outs at the OK Corral.
Building, by Katie this time -a plant trellis.
D is for dots.
 A model of the layers of the earth, all edible.
Yummy, in fact...what we call dessert around here.
Much reading and writing and figuring... Upper and Lower Nile (which is up and which is down)... Greek... the Sphinx... Sumerian artifacts... figuring out mechanical advantages of different levers and wheels... the different ways the long 'o" sound is spelled... drawing fish... which things go together... Venn diagrams... sentence structures... addition and subtraction... the calendar and the month of September... the clock... and, of course, eating the earth, all the way to it's core.
We also spent time arresting lawbreakers and pretending to read Shakespeare (or pretending to be like Dad.)...building with Lincoln Logs...and playing with the abacus just because he wants to.  Katie helped Quentin make a D-is-for-Dirt snack, made a beautiful golden leaf crown and went square dancing.

Today we imagined sailing down the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers taking grain, wool, and pots up to the Persian Gulf areas and bringing back metals and wood. We read about Crafts and Trade in Sumer and also about Kings and War in Sumer. We also imagined we were geologists, taking core soil samples from the island of Hostess. The topsoil on this island is of two varieties, a thick brown soil and a thick white soil composition but in analyzing our core soil samples, we discovered that below the surface the soil is much softer. There is a soft, spongy dark brown soil and a very soft white sample. We also played with tiles, looking mostly at them and how they can be multiplied, making our own multiplication tables. Quentin and James played with an abacus or two. Katie taught Quentin how to play with making letters into animals. "D" become dinosaur and "d" becomes a dromedary camel. It is beautiful to see the love of teaching being handed down. Quentin also finds out that making Katie's birthday cake has it's own rewards -licking the bowl! Steven gathers books to take back to the library because Katie's wish for her 18th birthday is a seafood dinner with Mom.  Back home for cake, singing, candles and wishes and the present of a quilt fit for a beautiful young woman.
 Happy birthday, my precious young lady.
Just the usual...
studying the progression from Sumerian hieroglyphs to Babylonian Cuneiform, figuring out mechanical advantages of wheels and ramps, reading and writing Greek words, reading and writing English words, ending sounds, matching... to name a few as well as painting, creating, exploring, sorting, and stories to read.
Exploring how how the earth is plates floating on molten rock are like graham crackers sitting on a plate of molasses...the way mountains are made...Ziggurats of Mesopotamia...the Aesop fable "The Lion and the Mouse"...lots of time on the trampoline...all together.

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