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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: October 5-10 {week 5}

A very busy morning running errands. Katie also spent her birthday money from her grandparents on painting supplies -acrylics, canvases, brushes, etc. and was a very happy girl. She plans to paint more seashells to sell at a Christmas Bazaar. After lunch, we did some of our usual table work, among other things...James practiced handwriting and the various ways to spell the long "o" sound...and made up his own addition problems.

Sam determined the area of various shapes, and the mechanical advantage of a screw, with and without a screwdriver...Alex started a lapbook for General Science Module 1...We took out our Papyrus Paper kit and began soaking the strips of dried papyrus.  Katie helped Quentin with an "E for Egg" project- making Deviled Eggs. Katie started her own project of making a quill pen from a feather.
Quiet morning because Mom was feeling poorly, but we did have some activities and discussions.

Following up on our last discussion about how mountains were made, we talked about fossil distribution using clay to represent the layers of the earth as it gets pushed up.

We also listened to cello music, looked at a picture of a cello and its parts and looked at where it sits in an orchestra.
We talked about angles and tri-angles. Together we wrote a small "story" and "translated" it into as many Egyptian hieroglyphic pictographs as we could.

"I rode a bull. I got lost. (There were) pyramids all around. The bull fell into a pyramid. Enemies attacked me."
Played with the Geoboard.
We took our papyrus reeds out of their soak water and flattened them with a rolling pin. James considered what the Egyptians used for a rolling pin. After flattening them, they were put back in the water to soak for a couple of days.
Katie helped Quentin with an E-is-for-eggshell craft.
Square Dancing for Katie and Sam.

Geoboard play.
Translating glyphs.
Venn diagrams.
Writing E.
Adding and subtracting.
Katie made little objects that start with the letter "E" (things like Elephant, Earth, Eel, Elbow and Egg) and put them in plastic Eggs for Quentin to find.
On the front porch swing, but Alex refuses to play frisbee on the lawn with James and QT.
At the park with friends.
Music Lapbook
Adding Phonetic Heiroglyphs to the Pictographs
F-is-for-Flower treats
Rolling out the papyrus again.
Living Math (Red Riding Hood Math Adventure) with paper cookies.
Pepsi-Coke challenge with Mentos
The afternoon is for games and pastimes in which sometimes only they know the rules,
reading just because you want to and building things.
Katie tried to make them a secret special treat, but secrets are hard to keep in this houseful,

and soon they got into the act of helping to make it -an ice cream candy cake.
Roasted Spaghetti Squash (not pictured) with braised mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and pork strips, (for those not vegetarian), all topped with a spicy basil vinaigrette. Yum!


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