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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary September 7-13 {week 1} Our 14th Year of Homeschooling

Labor Day
Rock and Hammer Play

First Day of School
Schultüten or "School Cones"
Geography Globes to Maps
Math is Patterns
Picking Apples
Apple Prints
A is for Apple
 Feeding the apple peels to the rabbit.
Quentin and James started out the day playing with Playdoh.
Then Quentin worked on learning how to form the letter "A." .
He counted with pennies; completed addition and subtraction problems. 
He also graphed yellow, red and green apples with Katie.
James worked on reading
Alex worked on Venn diagramming the differences between three animals. He is finishing up animal stories and is starting inanimate object stories. He completes reading, writing, copywork and dictation exercises with them. We have also started calendar stories.
Sam worked on Sequential Spelling, Greek, Copywork about the Sphinx, Hebrew Poetry, and read about Archaeology, Paleontology and Geology.
Exploring Cave Art
Making Our Own Cave Art
Making Planet Models
Searching for Patterns on a 100's Chart
Feeding the Ducks in Chestertown
A stop at Stam's Drug Store where they still make Chocolate Malts.
Going along with Quinny's "A is for Apple" theme, Katie made apple mouths with Quentin.
These easy snacks are made from two slices of apple smeared with peanut butter and covered with mini marshmallows. The apple slices form the lips with mini marshmallows for teeth.
Then we had them at an Apple Tea in which poetry was read and hot spiced cider was sipped instead of tea.
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
It rained all day, so lots of inside play. James and Quentin played for a long time with paper airplanes, having them land all over the place.
We let the hermit crabs out to play.
And now there are three, building at Lowes.
Too cloudy to fly, but not to imagine.
Hot Chocolate Cup-Cakes and Hot Chocolate for Teatime.
Which is the real hot chocolate and which is the Cup-cake?
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Tuckahoe Outlaw Day

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