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Summer Fun #11: How to Make Treasure Pouches

These cute treasure pouches can be made very quickly
with just a few simple materials.
Take a piece of felt and cut it into a circle. I used the felt squares you can get any department or craft store and a plate as a guide to make it into a circle. This makes a very small pouch. If you would like a larger pouch, you will need to buy felt where cloth is sold.
Use a nail and a block of wood to hammer hole about every inch around the edge of the circle. String a piece of leather through the holes, in and out. The pouch will start forming as you thread it through. Once you have threaded the leather strip all the way through, even the ends up, and then thread them through a pony bead and then tie the two ends together with a knot large enough that the pony bead can't slip off. The bead can be slid back and forth to open and close the pouch. It keeps it securely closed when not in use.They are nice for nature walks as you can tie them on a belt buckle and have it ready for collecting treasures.

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  1. Lovely tutorial ...now I'm Off to have a go
    Many Thanks!!!


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