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Summer Bucket List: Bird Races

First make the birds... You will need:
plastic disposable cups
something for eyes
glue gun and sticks

First tape a straw to the side of the cup. This will be the top/back of the bird. You can trim the straw, just make sure it's a smooth cut so that it won't snag the string.Cut out your desired beak shape, and tape it to the bottom of the cup both on top and underneath.Attach the eyes.
Put a ring of glue on the inside of your cup opening for tail feathers.
Add some more glue to the sides, and attach feathers for wings.

For each bird, tie one end of a long string to something such as a fence and then thread the string through your straw.

When everyone is ready, let the race begin!

Bounce, tug, and shake your string until your bird finds his way to the end of the line!

The idea for this activity came from Stephanie at OLM.
Originally posted Jul 23, 2009


  1. This looks like great fun, I am going to keep it in mind for the next time my nephew comes around, much more fun with two!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this with the Play Academy. It looks such fun - my girls will love it.

  3. The is a clever idea and looks like lots of fun. Great birthday party idea for older kids too.

  4. These would be a huge hit with my kiddos.


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