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Our Lapbook Experience

We finished our frog lapbooks today. Even though lapbooks are all the rage in the homeschool community, I have never cared for them much because it seems like it is way too much of the teacher's work in the project and way to little of the student's. But in the Hearts and Trees Spring Art, Nature Study and Handicraft kit was a frog lapbook, and since we have been studying tadpoles and frogs, I decided to give it a try.

James and Quentin used the covers in the Spring Kit. Alex and Sam used covers from Homeschool Share. Inside are booklets and sheets about The Life Cycle of the Frog, Bullfrogs, Parts of a Frog, related Vocabulary and Facts About Frogs. I was surprised at how much James and Quentin loved them. They really took ownership of them and were proud of their work. One thing I did do is let them do their own work at their own level, even if it was not perfect. The scissor work might not be perfect, but it is their own. James was so taken with his book, he sat down to make a lapbook totally of his own creation. There does seem to be a place for an occasional lapbook!

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