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The Great Backyard Bird Count

For our bird counting we went down to Still Pond (okay, so you caught me...I was hoping, too, to see a Muskrat for the Outdoor Hour Challenge # 48.) It was pretty windy today, and a bit colder than it has been. We only saw three varieties of birds: Canada Goose, Herring Gull and Turkey Vulture, but we saw plenty of them. We estimated that we saw 350 Geese in total and 17 Gulls. In addition we saw 5 Vultures. Not exactly backyard birds, but they were all on the list provided by The Great Backyard Bird Count's website. When we got home, we entered out data into their website, along with the over 46, 000 other participants. It was very simple and it was great to feel a part of so large a project. I highly recommend it!

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