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Orange Pomanders

Creative Jewish Mom has a tutorial for these beautiful pomanders, using tape as guide-lines.
A lovely Advent book is An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco. 

This book is set in the Depression at Christmas time and is an autobiographical piece by Patricia Polacco. The Stowell family is a family of nine living on a farm just outside of Detroit. Though they don't have much money, the family is taught charity by the parents who often feeding hungry hoboes as they pass through the nearby train station. Frankie, the youngest son, is even inspired to give one of them his favorite sweaterwithout telling his parents. Each Christmas the children are given oranges,which are first used as decoration and then eaten on Christmas day and is a precious tradition. Frankie, one Christmas, takes the orange before Christmas day and then loses it. Frankie confesses to his mother about both the orange and the sweater. His family is so moved by his charitable gesture, they are  deterimined to make sure Frankie's Christmas is most special.

We read this book at bedtime and added our own Christmas oranges to the greenery just as the Stowell family did years ago-one for each child in the family.
Later on in the Christmas season Katie taught the boys how to make pomander balls out of them.
To make pomanders, you will need cloves in addition to the oranges. 
If the skin is not too tough, you can just push in the cloves directly in the orange, but if they are finding that too difficult, you can poke the orange with a toothpick first and then insert the clove.
You can cover the whole orange or just a few lines of cloves.

If you only use a few cloves in your design your orange will probably not last forever.
If you completely cover your orange with cloves your pomander will last longer and may dry out completely.

Add a bow and you have a very nice Christmas decoration.

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