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The Water Cycle & Outdoor Hour Challege #39

As a way of introducing how rivers are made, we discussed the water cycle. We talked about how when a pot of water boils on the stove, that the water boils away. We moisten a chalkboard with a wet sponge and watched the water disappear. We talked about how clothes dry when left outside on the clothes line. We discussed how when it rains there are puddles, but when the sun comes out, they all dry up. The same with the dew found in the morning on plants, disappears at the sun comes up. We talked about how all of these are examples of water entering the atmosphere through the process of evaporation. We will talk in more detail of this process in terms of molecular action next year when we get to Physics, but we just want to look at it in terms of biology and how rivers are made this year.


  • Home Geography for Primary Grades, Charlotte Mason

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