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Reviewing the Plant Families

I discovered a wonderful way to review all the plant families we have been studying -a card game which I found on Thomas Elpel's website named after the children's fairy tale, Shanlaya's Quest. These cards have color photos of several examples of each of the plant families as well as cards which have black-and-white drawings of each of the families with their individual features noted on them. We played a simple matching game with them in which a player turns over any two cards to look for a pattern match. A match consists of any two cards from the same family. If the player finds a match, then he takes those cards off the table. If no match is found, then the cards are turned back over and the next person takes a turn. Fortunately the deck also has an answer key card so that we could check the plant families for verification. We played until all cards were matched. The plants are hard to identify because some of the families are similar. I was really pleased at how many they could identify and I am sure that if we keep playing this game, with its many variations, we will learn to more closely look for the subtle differences.

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