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Making Blackberry Tarts or Project Unplugged: Flat

This week's theme at Project Unplugged is flat. Since we promised the boys that we would make a blackberry pie with some of the berries we had picked, I thought this was the perfect opportunity. We decided that each of them could make their own little blackberry pie -a tart, really. Steven made the pie crust since he is excellent at making pie crusts. We then gave each of the boys a small ball of the dough and they rolled them flat! I mixed up the pie filling by adding sugar and coconut flour to the berries. The boys each spooned in some of the filling into their own pies, and then curled the crust over the filling to make like a little dumpling. Alex made two little pies -one for himself and one for Katie. Steven made up some dough for them out of coconut flour since they cannot have the wheat. The coconut flour made the dough too dry to roll out with a rolling pin, so Alex had to press the dough in the tin with his fingers, and we crumbled up the leftover dough and sprinkled it on top. The result was that they looked prettier than the others and everyone wanted one of those instead!

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