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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Georgia O'Keefe's Shell

“Each shell was a beautiful world in itself . . . I have always enjoyed painting them—and even now, living in the desert, the sea comes back to me when I hold one to my ear.”
-Georgia OKeeffe

by James, age 7
by Quentin, age 4
When the boys came to the table and saw all the shells there, they too, held them to their ear and listened for the sounds of the sea. We then looked at O'Keeffe's painting and they noticed that she painted the shell large, just like she did the Morning Glories last week. They also noticed the shadows of the cloth in the background and the chip out of the shell. I encouraged them to use a technique using washable markers when they drew their shell pictures. You can find this at Crayola.

by Katie, age 16
First you draw a picture and then you blend the markers with a wet paint brush, so that the water pulls color from one area to another. It makes an interesting effect that works well when drawing shells or other natural objects that have gradations of color.
by Alex, age 14

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