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Picture Study: "The Stroll" by Monet

This week's picture study is Monet's The Stroll. Following the suggestions of Charlotte Mason regarding picture study, we reviewed the pictures we have studied this semester by having the boys in turn each describe as best as their ability one picture. Their ability to use descriptive words and their understanding of both Monet and the Impressionists seems to be growing. We discussed the fact that Monet did a series of paintings with Camile and her son, and that many of them had beautiful clouds in them.
We then used a technique called "crayon resist" to paint our cloud pictures. They first used a white crayon on white watercolor paper to draw clouds.
Then they washed the picture with watercolors, and the white of the crayon clouds resisted the watercolor and stood out.

James (age 7) used the many colors of a sunset.
Quentin, age 4
Alex, age 14
Sam, age 10

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