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Picture Study: Monet's Regattas at Argenteuil

For our picture study this week we looked at Regattas at Argenteuil, and Monet's skill at painting reflections. We compared and contrasted this painting to the other Monet paintings we have studied. They each took turns noting what things interested them in the painting and describing the painting.
We then thought we would take a try at depicting reflections on water.
We decided on watercolor instead of the oils that Monet used because of ease of use and clean-up.
They painted sailboats on water and their reflections.
Paint your boats, flip the paper and paint them again, only using more water on your brush this time.
The technique of adding more water makes it look more like reflections. Then paint your backgrounds, using less water again. You may outline the boats with a thin, black Sharpie if your student used too much water on the original boats. 

Quentin, age 4

James, age 7
Sam, age 10
Katie, age 16
Alex, age 14
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    These are wonderful! Love the reflections....

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