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Outdoor Hour # 19: Seeds & The Grass Family

For our Outdoor Hour Challenge this week we hunted for seeds.

We also looked at and sketched pictures of seed germination.

This fit in well with where we were at with our plant families in Shanlaya's Quest, as we studied the Grass Family this week and the edible part of this family is the seed.

We looked at the seeds that we collected and separated out the plants that were in the Grass Family. The Grass family are all monocots, which have leaves with parallel veins (as opposed to dicots whose leaves are net-veined.) Even though there are over ten thousand species of grass, the plants in this family that we are most familiar with include most edible grains such as wheat, rye, millet, timothy, oats, corn, rice, sorghum and barley. Also included are bamboo, reeds and sugarcane as well as many plants for turf and fodder. Grasses are wind pollinated and do not need insects to assist in their pollination, therefore they do not have colorful flowers to attract insects. Grasses have three stamens and a pistil and are contained in modified leaves called bracts. They then drew pictures of the plants in the Grass Family.

Quentin's sketches

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