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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

A Pirate Story

There once were two pirates who sailed the seven seas.
They liked to plunder other ships for toys. "Perhaps we have plundered enough," says Pirate Matthew, "You can't steer any more." "Aarrgh, there are never enough toys. I can steer. You just navigate." snorts Captain Quentin. "Captain Quentin, there is another ship on the horizon." "Should we sail toward or away from it?" asks Pirate Matthew.
"All sails set!" replies Captain Quentin. "Be ye friend or foe?" shouts Pirate Matthew as they draw up abreast of the ship.
"Help me, I am sinking!" yells the new pirate, "Help me and I will give some of my haul."
"Very well," says Captain Quentin and Pirates Matthew and James load the ship with more toys. Captain Quentin is almost buried in the treasure.
"Are you alright down there, Captain Quentin?" they ask.
"Aarrgh! I am a pirate. No toys will get the best of me!" he answers.

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