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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales


Holding up a rectangle I ask, "What are its two names?" "Quadrilateral and rectangle." Holding up a square I ask, "What are its three names?" "Quadrilateral, square and rectangle."
I gave them a sheet that had five different size rectangles on it. Their task was to cut them out and put them in order to make patterns in as many different ways as they could.

Quentin made a tower, from largest to smallest (adding some at the top for decoration.)

James also built a tower from largest to smallest, but made a picture out of it when he was done by drawing on it. (No surprise there!)

Sam made a pyramid, using the largest as the base and building in until the top, with the smallest block as the top.

Alex had his largest rectangle in the middle and built out smaller in both directions.

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