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Saint Francis DeSales

At the Strawberry Patch

One of the two trays of strawberries the kids picked.
We went on a field trip to Godfrey's Farm. First we went on a hayride all around the 250 acres. The boys had fun watching their dog pass the wagon, and then stop when interested in something, and then race once more to pass the wagon again.

After the ride, the younger students participated in a skit in which they learned (or reviewed) about how a seed grows into a plant.

Quentin played the part of the seed, and as you know, all seeds have a seed coat. The seed was given sunshine, the part of the sun being played by James, and the farmer (Matthew S.) gave the seed water.

Soon the seed grew roots and two green leaves.
and then grew flowerswhich were fertilized by some friendly bees.

Then we went to the strawberry fields and, as well as the two pints that Quentin and James came home with, the kids picked 18 pounds of strawberries.
So we will be having fun this week eating strawberries in all kinds of ways, freezing them and making jam.

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