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Home School Life Journal ........... Ceramics by Katie Bergenholtz
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

My Trip to Saint Mary's City, Maryland

We got doughnuts. I got sprinkles and chocolate.
We went to the ship. The cannon went boom! We went down in it and there were beds. When we went down there we saw water in one of the things. When we went somewhere we saw glass in the roof and we went further down where the water was and we went upstairs . After that we went off the ship.
There was one pulley had one sack and I could lift it a bit. The second one had two pulleys and I could lift it a bit more and the third one had three pulley's that I could get all the way up.
They are building the church again. They made it a bit like the picture. It has a door and lots of things.
Then we went to this cannon and it had a lot of bumps on it. We tried to go inside but it was too small. Daddy took pictures.

They were making a canoe out of a big log. They fanned and they were putting all the ash off. The fire was burning it. The canoe was not going to get finished today!
Then we went to the Indian village. We saw cut up animal skins.
Now I got to eat lunch. We went to a shop. Sammy got a map. We got Quinney a whistle. I got a sharpener-cannon. It runs with wheels. We got Katie a compass and a telescope to share.
We saw lots and lots of deer feet. Hard bones, you know.

There were pigs and somebody wearing hats, and there were cows. Some had horns and some didn't.
We went somewhere else and they shot guns and there were chickens there. We went quietly over them. They don't lay eggs if you are not quiet. So we went upstairs of the building and there was an attic up there, but we couldn't reach up there, and then we carved a hard bone on the stone. There were wooden couches where we carved the bone. We were grinding it.
There were beds upstairs and they were more room than a square.
When we were going home, Sammy was looking in the telescope and we got to McDonald's. Then we were almost home and Sammy was happy. Then I was home!
-James Bergenholtz

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